Fez Labyrinth

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Thu, 05/23/2013 - 12:14 -- thaismartin
Man walking out of the al-Karaouine mosque after finishing his afternoon prayers.

Although I grew up exploring the Marrakech Medina (ancient city), it was still an adventure to have a weekend getaway to explore the winding alleys of the 12th century Fez Medina. The blend of white and cream colored walls reflected the summer sunlight to give the area a soft glow.

Walking through the antique wooden doors of the Attarin Medersa (Koranic School) we entered into an airy courtyard, surrounded by walls covered in intricately hand-carved calligraphy. The Nejjarine Museum of Wood Arts & Crafts was an equally impressive showcase of Moroccan craftsmanship.This 14th century foundouk (abode for nomadic traders) has a rooftop terrace with a panoramic view one can enjoy whilst sipping traditional Moroccan mint tea.

We ventured to the Tanner's quarter, where we climbed up stone stairs, arriving onto a terrace with a view over the 9th century tanneries, made up of an array of red, blue, yellow and brown tanning pits. Expect to be intrigued by every twist and turn of the Medina’s alleys, at the ends of which new sights, sounds and faces await.

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