Hip Marrakech Shopping

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Wed, 07/24/2013 - 13:56 -- thaismartin

Exploring the Marrakech Medina never gets old for me, and wandering the streets of the vibrant souks with my motherMeryanne is my favorite way to re-discover my city. On our last trip to the Place des Ferblantiers, not far from the better-known Jemaa El Fna Square, we came across a hip new store called Mini Boutique. I spotted Rachid, the owner, because his untamed mane reminded me of my own. Him and his brother are locals whose expertise in metal work is steeped in traditional Moroccan craftsmanship. However, in their stylishly decorated boutique, they blend custom and modernity to create a hip Moroccan concept. 

Tiles with various patterns decorate the black walls, on which large capital metal letters, hand-cast by the brothers, are displayed. Four letters spell LOVE at the entrance of the shop, inviting the curious shopper to browse through the plethora of metal boxes, soap bottles, lanterns and other metallic objects on offer. The charismatic Rachid kindly showed us the variety and quality of Mini Boutique products. We cannot wait to revisit this melting pot of Moroccan tradition and hip Marrakech style.

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