Maja in the Jnane Tamsna garden

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Mon, 05/05/2014 - 02:51 -- Jnane Tamsna

It is late spring verging on summer in Marrakech, and this is the time of year when gardens are especially vibrant. Citrus trees have already shared the fragrance of their abundant white blossoms, and the less conspicuous olive flowers have come and gone, promising a rich harvest in the autumn. Now we have an explosion of flowers in our notably zen gardens: larkspurs blooming like wildflowers across ornamental beds, native honeysuckle matching the beauty of exotic climbing bauhinia, and a new garden of ornamental shrubs adding a variety of forms and colors. A personal favourite is the ‘flor del mar’ (Caesalpinia exostemma), a native of Mexico and Central America that is quite rarely cultivated.  Its abundant red and yellow flowers appear before the leaves, providing a distinctive floral display.

Marrakech’s gardens – and Jnane Tamsna in particular – are attracting more and more horticultural enthusiasts. In mid-April we welcomed landscape architect Maja Popielarska and her team from the Polish TV gardening program called 'Maja w ogrodzie' (which means simply ‘Maja in the garden’). The program, which has been on the air for almost 10 years with over 480 episodes broadcast, has received several awards for popularizing horticultural knowledge and ecology.We look forward to the special program on Morocco, which features Gary Martin speaking about the inspiration behind the gardens he has created at Jnane Tamsna.

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