Marrakech Agritourism

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Thu, 02/21/2013 - 17:40 -- Meryanne

If you happen to be flying First or Business Class on American Airlines, check out the article “Back to the Land” in Celebrated Living magazine's spring 2013 issue.  Written by Los Angeles-based freelance journalist Tanvi Chheda, it features Jnane Tamsna among the global places to go for agritourism – the growing trend of visiting farms, ranches, vegetable gardens and vineyards while travelling.

Tanvi writes of Jnane Tamsna’s green spaces, “These enchanting gardens, along with a nearby 150-acre plot of farmland, supply the hotel’s restaurant, but also serve as part playground and wonderland for children and their parents too. Depending on the season, kids might pick mandarins or dig up carrots; parents might harvest olives and then taste the olive oil pressed from them.”

If you are grounded, then you can read the article online And you can see more of Tanvi's explorations of boutiques, cuisine, galleries and wineries around the world in the online edition of T, the New York Times Style Magazine:

We love it when journalists write about the unique side of our family-friendly hotel.

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