Marrakech constantly evolves

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Sat, 02/09/2013 - 18:16 -- Meryanne

This afternoon I went to the medina, the historic center of Marrakech. I was looking for some inspiration and possible props for a coming photographic shoot at Jnane Tamsna of the Meissen china I designed, called ‘Garden of Marrakech’.

A few yards from Bab Laksour, I happened upon a half-opened door, revealing a courtyard of white marble. I ventured in and discovered a surprisingly large riad – one of the interior courtyard houses typical of the medina. Enquiring further, I learned this beautifully designed space will host Marrakech’s first stylish Spanish restaurant, a guesthouse of 13 bedrooms, and an underground spa in tones of gold and white.

I love it that even during a global economic crisis, Marrakech continues to burgeon with projects, ideas and diversity. When I first stepped foot here 27 years ago, I thought, ‘if I am mad about this place, other people will be too’. Every day I am thrilled to realize it is true.

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