Meissen in Marrakech

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Mon, 02/18/2013 - 04:15 -- Meryanne

Two years ago, Dr. Christian Kurtzke, CEO of the world famous china brand Meissen, asked me to design a collection. The request surprised me, as I had never designed tableware before.  Prior to answering, I went to the beautiful Dresden Museum in Saxony to understand if there could be a link between Marrakech and Meissen.

I learned that the King of Saxony, Augustus the Strong, founded Meissen in 1710. Upon entering the spectacular Ottoman rooms in the Museum, I decided to accept Christian’s challenge. King Augustus, a renaissance man of broad intelligence and vision, was fascinated by the Ottoman lifestyle and brought many elements of exotic design and style to 18th century Europe. Today, Marrakech’s chic and bohemian lifestyle is the modern reference for this evocation of an Orient of opulent splendour. When I returned home, I was inspired by my visit – and by the palm trees and other plants of Jnane Tamsna’s gardens – to create a new Meissen collection called “Jardin de Marrakech”.

Over the last few days, photographers Thomas Gasparini and Nils Gunther shot the new Meissen catalogue in Jnane Tamsna, prominently featuring my china and our boutique hotel.  I hope that ‘Jardin de Marrakech’ will be a success!

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