Nomadic Art

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Tue, 09/10/2013 - 11:53 -- thaismartin

Growing up at Jnane Tamsna had its perks. As a kid, I’d go on lengthy bike rides through the palm grove accompanied by my trusty dogs to discover our surroundings.  But I did not even have to leave our property to expand my horizons. When I was in the 4th grade, I would run up the stairs of the Moussafir Pavillion as soon as I got back from school. Once at the top, I’d look down from the rooftop terrace into the garden, where painter Phillipe Deltour would be crouched over a large canvas spread out on the ground. At that time, the Belgian artist was using charcoal to draw on recycled cement bag paper. Having always had a passion for art, I just loved being perched on the roof watching him work until the sun went down.  My mother met Philippe in 2001, when he was returning from Senegal, where he’d painted beautiful, traditionally built African women, much in the spirit of Gauguin’s Polynesian women.  She had a gallery in the Medina at the time, where she exhibited his art, which despite being new on the Marrakech scene was very successful. Philippe is a nomadic painter, and at Jnane Tamsna we have several pieces depicting the beautiful people and landscapes he encounters on his travels to Zanzibar, Senegal and Morocco.

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