Scandinavian citrus

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Sun, 02/24/2013 - 09:31 -- Gary

Our gardening workshops were inspired by citrus and Scandinavia.  This may seem a curious combination, but it is really quite simple. When a Danish family visited Jnane Tamsna a few years ago, the father told me that his young daughter was dreaming of plucking tangerines directly from the tree. As I come from Michigan – and saw an orange on a tree for the first time when I was a teenager – I could relate to this.

We ventured into the garden, and the three-year-old – lifted by her father to the height of the fruits – harvested her first citrus.  As Jnane Tamsna is popular with families, this experience inspired me to get visiting children involved in garden discovery, from planting seeds, to transplanting seedlings and gathering vegetables.

It has become a seed to compost experience, as we even show the kids where we throw the orange peels and other compostable garden refuse.  This all makes the gardeners happy, as they like working with children, and are always happy to have their helping hands.  

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