You Are What You Sheen

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Wed, 01/21/2015 - 06:46 -- Gary

It’s quite simple, really,” says Rachid Jafaari, the founder of Terre d’Eveil. As your pores absorb nutrients, “you should only put on your skin things that you can eat.” He tells me this at his shop near Place des Épices, amidst shelves upon shelves of 100% natural products and vials of essential oils. At Jnane Tamsna, Rachid will begin leading workshops that teach you how to make your own moisturizers and balms that follow this basic guideline.

Rachid’s unique background makes him an encyclopedic resource for all things related to natural healing. He grew up in Tamgrout in the Drâa Valley, the home of the Nasiri Library, which once held 60,000 manuscripts covering topics like mathematics, history, linguistics, astronomy, theology, and medicine. A descendant of the founders of this library, Rachid has been influenced by the ancient knowledge it safeguarded. “We never went to the doctor growing up,” he says. Rather, when someone in the family fell ill, his father prepared a concoction using plants from their garden. Hungry for more knowledge, Rachid later studied Ayurveda in London and aromatherapy and phytotherapy at the École Lyonnaise de Plantes Médicinales.

His products are informed by all of these ancient traditions, and he’s quick to point out when the Ayurvedic, Arab, Greek, Egyptian and Chinese traditions all agree. He’ll patiently spell out the virtues of each plant and help you find a combination of ingredients that naturally restores balance to your skin. I came away from our workshop with a moisturizer for my wife that included the essence of one of my favorite plants, ylang ylang. “Beauty is simply a reflection of health,” says Rachid. For both inspiration and a starter kit for achieving that healthy sheen, contact us to book a workshop. 

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