Organic Food

Jnane Tamsna’s co-owner Gary Martin, an ethnobotanist, supervises the cultivation of a diverse variety of organic products on our nine-acre property. Nestled in the Marrakech Palmeraie, our gardens supply fresh fruits and vegetables to Jnane’s kitchen throughout the year.


Drawing on the unique skills of three chefs, our small luxury hotel provides a fusion of Mediterranean, Moroccan and Senegalese cuisine. Meals are an important part of family life and a central feature of Moroccan hospitality. At Jnane Tamsna we honor these traditions and celebrate Marrakech cuisine by preparing each meal with the finest quality locally grown produce.


For those who wish to delve deeper into Moroccan food culture, we also offer cooking classes. Our chef Bahija will show you how to prepare authentic local dishes while explaining cultural aspects of Marrakech cuisine. After preparing authentic Moroccan dishes, you’ll sit back and enjoy your new cooking skills when the meal you have prepared is served, whether under the white bougainvillea in the courtyard, or in our main dining room.